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Spring after spring has come again

Spring after spring has come again 

Spring after spring, blossoms again. Life in this blossoming Xie Zhong jointing. Graver grew up in our world without mercy symbols, so we slowly, even unknowingly, were refining edges, had those marks not only belongs to the youth know since when could not find it. ­

when the night falls, the lights, filled with throngs of people, rush home, eat out, nothing to go shopping. Everyone's in a hurry, like fast-moving machine, not stop stressful pace. ­

   hurry slowly, sounds a bit contradictory. Dang see a at spent open of world, will stopped was has is slow of footsteps, quiet to sat in roadside of Chair Shang, quietly to appreciate with spring of beauty: jasmine unbridled to bloom, yellow of small spent dotted in green of marine in; Begonia no incense, is still open have brilliant; peach, Cherry has withered, health out countless of fine branch leaves; red maple still, that unique of color in Breeze in the don't with charm. Birds also get Twitter, flying around. So the chaos of the world suddenly quiet.