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Wind dress

Wind dress 

Yun out of the window, a gentle beam of Moonlight, over the autumn leaf branches, Dim, elegant. Flower hit his clothes. Tea light, as cloud shadows, echoing, bathed in the soft purple light the ambiguous, making love with a quiet dream eternity in poetry and painting.

night weiyang, dream the same bits and pieces, broken language, and I am, huaiyuan in ancient melodious music, thin cool Moonlight collection from your back, sativa, let it wrap, breaks the heart, in mind, playing on the ileum, willful listening, this soothing sounds, this song, the truth about this world!

Moon gel language, such as whisper dreams vaguely of raving, ink-ink-a light fragrance, show a paper element notes, dancing for you a tender, a yan Mei, cracked face life's nestled in your mouth for you, a ground breaking months, Burnout because of you, the word Acacia, for you to right heart. Read today, Zen faint, light a busy fall, knocked out the fingertips, heart murmurs, a song used to ... ...