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Dripping wet Lake

Dripping wet Lake 

Dripping Lake is known as the Pearl in the mountains. Zhao XI yin, Hushan Yanying, like a picture of a hearty splash-ink landscape painting. Here varied scenery of the four seasons of the year, but especially in the spring people enjoyed themselves. "Spring tour, apricot branches". Yellow light green on the Po di bee noise Butterfly dance, a full of life; the water smooth as a mirror, quiet, the mountain wall screw, reflected, it was "logo as a mirror of the Lake bi-varied Aoyama reflections down one by one."

Li Shangyin the pulp, ships with the ripples into the paint, and ideal comfort. Dressed in a wind-swept, "blown crepe pond", floating jump-Jin, mountain shadows change, some caused by ecstasy. Feng Ming Meng spring-glimpse of Lake scenery, cloud fog cover, partly visible, distant mountains, Misty, now past peak, boating on the Lake is entering a amidst a quiet realm of light.

known as the "little river" reputation of dripping at Zibo city boshan Qiao Ling ago scenic area west of the Lake, is a climbing, travel, boating, fishing, accommodation, catering, meeting in one of the tourist ecological scenic spot, scenic plants, water sweet, natural oxygen bar said.  

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