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Wedding, bridesmaids should wear

Wedding,  bridesmaid should wear

     at the wedding, the bride is actress, received the audience's attention, but as a bridesmaid, although it is not people's attention like a bride, but also appropriately, green.

     first look at what is new-style wedding, Western-style, then choose small dresses, color pink as well, if the bride is the pink dress, the best and she is a little difference in color, the style is short on the kind of good (strap type)

     If it is Chinese-style wedding, but also to see what brides wear, such as the maid of honor to accompany the bride and groom toasting bride was dressed in red suits, to wear a color lighter than the bride's outfit (close to the working set)

     is mainly plain, do not steal, looks more vivid red flowers, green succeeded!