Wedding photography

Hundreds of migrant workers in Changsha free wedding completed 1 year registration

Sanxiang City newspaper on October 22-look in the mirror happy smile, in business Pan Lu Xiangjiang tunnel work Wu Chuanping smiled happily. Today, the "love – caring for migrant workers in Changsha activity" starts, will be free for 100 migrant workers for their wedding photos, Wu Chuanping is the first beneficiary of the activities.  

Wu Chuanping are people of zigong, Sichuan, Ke Jing and his wife were married in 2001, the wedding was late for a decade. Today, Ke Jing always has a smile on his face, when it comes to her husband's work, she said: "he did not go home for the new year. "8 year old son living at home, are rarely able to see my dad. That "loving peasant activities", the Wu Chuanping signed up, at 8 in the morning and his wife came to fill the wedding.  

it is reported that all migrant workers in Changsha have worked for more than a year, can call 0731-85212599 to participate in caring for shooting action.