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Completed European buildings in front of the Court in Mianyang City posted notices prohibiting wedding

Mianyang City intermediate people's Court of Sichuan province (hereinafter "hospital in Mianyang") posted a notice before the new site---"Court Office areas is strictly prohibited to take wedding pictures" in microblogging sparked yesterday. South reporter found, Mianyang homes because the Office looks like United States Capitol, as early as 2 years ago, was widely criticised for "luxurious". Now public opinion is not, it has become a local wedding photography agencies and couples pictures backlot. Last night, the hospital staff said ignorance about the notice, but said no fence, others want to get close to the building is not difficult.

by studios as a backlot

yesterday, the well-known user Huang jianxiang on Twitter launched "random picture big signs saying" activities, the Mianyang friends a banner in front of the new premises in out, quickly raised concerns. This slogan pasted on a sheet of red paper, only 11 words---"Court Office areas is strictly prohibited to take wedding pictures." Can see from the picture, overall great hospital in Mianyang, is a typical European architecture, like United States Capitol Hill. Was placed on the national emblem in the Centre of the building, is a large square in front, flag waving, surrounded by flower beds is not yet completed green.

in fact, the picture as early as October 29, is Internet access. Picture was shot by photographer Xu Hui in Chengdu, he said last night, around October 29, before its new office building in Mianyang to see this banner, attached to the flag pole below the pier, then turn down. Xu Hui said, when the building has been moved within the Office, because of the security, the fear of being blocked, he only took pictures with his mobile phone.

on the Web, a number of people have homes in Mianyang site as one of the wedding location shooting. Netizen "I want long skirt" recommend to others way, "European-style buildings, court shoot out there."

"Lyman vision wedding photography-Wu" on its Web site, Mianyang project directly as one of wedding photography. Posted a couple of photos, new European architecture of the Court as the background, very beautiful. Another local wedding photography agency reporters to the South, hospital in Mianyang were one of them to shoot the wedding location of the new building. Its head, "don't think too mysterious Court, the building is open." Since the beginning of last year, they were there to shoot.

user discontent: take a view does not make

therefore, it is forbidden to take pictures after signs were posted immediately swept many netizens, will also be questioned prior to building the luxury once again dug up. Netizen "I am dead" says, want to go to court the King can give up the idea of the wedding, "spend our money into building palaces, are calculated, even when we shoot the wedding to take a view is not". Netizens also regrets, the building's most important function is to give photos as the background.

in fact, as early as January 2009, Court of Mianyang are users questioned, is the stronghold of the White House, on Capitol Hill. Some Internet users to link it with the earthquake, Mianyang, considered as the worst-hit areas should not be a luxury office building. From the time of the picture will be visible, when the Court has been something of a prototype of the European architecture.

in this regard, the Mianyang City intermediate court official had previously said in an interview, the building is not a Netizen said "built after the earthquake." In 2000, it began the design, started in 2004, shut down for some time after the earthquake in 2008, when construction resumed in October. On October 11 this year at the Mianyang in Mianyang's announcement on the evening news, the relocation of the Office of the resident coordinator on October 12.

last night, the execution command center in Mianyang, one of the staff members, reporters confirmed the news to the South, saying the relocation has been completed. For notices about, he indicated that he did not know, adding that "caused no fence around the building, other people want to get close to the building is not difficult."