Wedding photography

Manufacture of eternal, Guangzhou photos recommended attractions

Marriage is a life event, wedding, as one of the important elements is an iota of sloppy, and photo framing is one aspect of the decision, can keep the romance is more romantic, sweet sweet! 591 marriage network fine with everyone below:

long forest park--fresh shooting

attractions: Guangzhou yingxin road, next to the reservoir

Panyu Treasure Garden-the most classical film

attractions: Shawan town of Panyu Zini bridge

sunflower garden-the sunshine shoot

attractions, location: wanqinsha town, Guangzhou City

liuhua Lake Park--the mysterious shooting

attractions: the 100th, liuhua road, Guangzhou

South China Botanical Garden-the Wonderland shoot

attractions: longan hole in the river within the urban area of Guangzhou-fire mountain

Tianhe Park--fresh shooting

attractions: village of Huangpu Dadao, Tianhe district, Guangzhou

fossil Park--the most fantastic location

attractions: Taoyuan town, conghua, Guangzhou Da Ling Shan forest farm

Nanhu amusement park-the most fun shoot

attractions: bei Jiao Tong he Zhen, Guangzhou

long joy to the world--the most exciting new location

attractions: Yingbin Road, Panyu district, Guangzhou City

sand-the most Europeanized film

attractions: 53rd North Shamian Street, Guangzhou City

stone Chamber Church at night

attractions: urban district along yide road, Guangzhou