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Love you and love, give yourself a five-star home

Love you and love, give yourself a five-star Home                                      

is about to step into the Auditorium of the new people, nothing more than decoration wedding room, hotel baiyan, now to understand the basics of wedding room decoration:

floor: laminate flooring

material difficult to replace because the ground is best once in place, it is recommended that you spend a little more, in one step. Recommended the adoption floor tile or laminate flooring. Floor easy to clean, no radiation, can be used in a hallway, living room, kitchen and bathroom, floor tile price ranges from 40 Yuan to 180 yuan per square meter, paving costs about 20 Yuan per square meter.

laminate flooring is almost suitable for all but the bathroom space use, price from 60 to 200 yuan per square meter or so, everyone can choose according to financial freedom. Because of what flooring material is long, so we recommend that everyone try to do little at a time, we offered a double space, I hope everyone has a choice in the matter.

kitchen: good overall

ware recommended joint venture products, in "bathroom three piece"-on the choice of bath, basin and toilet, you can spend a little more money, choose a brand, particularly selecting cost-effective compared brand products. So far as the kitchen, the proposed purchase of complete sets of cabinets, kitchen furniture and kitchen furniture is closely integrated, the whole kitchen "skeleton", in order to give the bride a happy cooking environment, you are also buying a slightly better on the whole Cabinet, this money can not.

walls: green "Lust"

decoration wall recommend using latex paint or wallpaper, latex paint cheaper, stable, innocuous, can be scrubbed. And now many latex paints to add color, in accordance with your preferences, selected mixed the color that you like, make your new house full of stylish atmosphere.

     in addition, the wallpaper unique decorative effect is good, more households headed by prominent personalities, but wallpaper squares of prices will be more expensive than latex paint, it is recommended that all can be used alone in the den or bedroom.

furniture: fewer but better

wedding room area are generally small, the couple just had a chance to become masters, always Pack a bag to carry something home, wait until the baby is born, only to discover that even fit the pram at home, so the principle of buying furniture is good enough. Such as double, twin or triple sofa, a folding table, a wardrobe, a full set of bedding and tableware are both necessities of life. But to buy good quality when you buy these things, which concerns the health of family members.

home furnishings: furniture and uniform

furnishings and furniture style and harmony, tonal harmony, buying time to take into account future developments. Before you buy, to discuss a two-person have access to the main colors. Such as red, white, yellow or green, and so on. When your curtains, sofa, coffee table and color consistent color for even slippers, a distinct personality.