Wedding photography

Exotic wedding there is always a right for you

Nowadays, many young people seem more exotic energy spectrum write love classics. If you have the idea, might as well let xiaobian recommended for shooting tour wedding locations, I hope to help you!


overseas wedding photography for advocating young people, tend to turn its sights on the Maldives. If you are considering the price/performance, then, may wish to select the island bus poems, and seems better suited to the tastes of young people Oh! and all the year round for diving, underwater world not only super attractive and more diving heaven Oh!


Thailand is also a good overseas wedding photography scene, sunny, the air clear, in general are particularly suitable for newcomers to go abroad for the first time. And the "Kingdom of white elephants" the beautiful country, it is magnificent, with towering pagodas and temples. In Thailand under the characteristic style, a comfortable boat dwellers appeared in sight, more new people there enjoy!


If you choose to prefer overseas wedding photography experience a completely exotic, might as well walk into Venice. Here the air is fresh, the water is particularly clear and more meandering waterways in sight a town style. Echoing the old houses and small bridges, let the couple feel a fresh and beautiful. If you do not want to go that far, then selected Wuzhen, still can take the flavor!

Select overseas wedding photography needs to selected times, of course, if you are about to take tourist photos, act now!