Wedding photography

Alert on-location wedding consumption trap

Give up the traditional shooting modes, more and more people prefer to travel wedding. Not only can enjoy the indoor fun, can also experience the refreshing nature Oh! but immersed in the happiness of the couple needs to pay attention to the invisible consumer, or it will have some sadness. Now, let the small series provides you with a brief description about it!

on the question of costs

compared to other forms of travel wedding would travel to be able to spend more money. In order to ensure cost is reasonable, the service must be provided by the Studio pretty well. Not only to understand what costs are included in the service, but also for some extra pay would also like to know, such as tickets, room and Board, travel tickets during the shooting ... ...


choosing the right Studio

decide to travel wedding, first need to pick your photography Studio. This shooting mode, after all, is the new model, many small studios and don't have a good grasp, therefore, depends not only on selection of their quotes, more integrated all aspects of selection of the most reputable merchants.

determine the location of better travel photos

in General, Changzhou, a lot of tourist attractions, can create the most beautiful picture. But sometimes the small Studio has its own proprietary line of tourism, through the introduction of cheap tourist wedding and the attracting of eyeballs, but provides views of Lu raised eyebrows, but people, so in addition to choose reputable outdoor photography work, it is best to decide what they want to shoot exteriors.

travel wedding and Studio wedding photos, stealth consumption to occur, it is necessary to pay more attention to myself!