Wedding photography

Bold personality generation wedding dress style

Expressed generation wedding photography in a whole new way with the young man's love, a different interpretation. But then again, true to make shooting this type of wedding requires a great deal of courage! Here, small series to just show you, maybe you would be interested!

savage bride

see sassy! generation wedding photography cleverly reveals it, savage became one of the highlights of the bride. This style to subvert the patriarchal tradition, the bride can ruthlessly "lessons" groom, groom the poor image on the screen, highlight the flavor of this style is more for the couple to enjoy the fun.

close-up of a bare shoulder

you should see a nude wedding photos or bikini photo! if you want to try it but don't have the guts, then, might as well after in the photo appears as a bare shoulder. In addition to show emotions and outside temptations, with funny faces will abound in the youth out of love Oh!

role reversal

generation wedding photography can use all kinds of tricks to not only show their own style, you can also taste different in the form of role reversal fun. Whether classic love, or modern wedding dresses, the couple can feel for each other through this form of mood, not funny, you can feel each other's feelings, it would be a classic!

generation wedding photography perfect interpretation of the modern personality of the young, in different displays of contemporary thoughts and feelings. If you have enough personality, bold, may wish to also try the above style!