Wedding photography

Considerations for summer wedding photo shoot

Wedding photos, want to have the best State can enjoy the performance in the shooting process, summer is around the corner, how to get their wedding photos to avoid unnecessary trouble? below we summarize some points to note:

plenty of rest:

summer than others pay more attention before shooting the rest of the season because of high temperature on energy consumption will increase, new people don't put the thermostat too low during sleep, avoid fatigue in when shooting wedding photos, air temperature of around 23 degrees Celsius.

pest control for the summer:

in order to prevent mosquito bites, MM please remember to bring refreshing oil or medicated oil. If toxic mosquito bites can take timely measures to prevent inflammation.

comparative thin summer dress, on location may be thorny weeds or branches scratch, so dressing is also essential, Oh!

precaution measures, try to avoid shooting in the Sun and to drink plenty of water during the shooting process. If there is a heat stroke warning be sure to shade, cool place to rest, adding water, take off heat cool drinks location hard day for you is the best antidote to add strength!

sunscreen must be prepared so that pictures are photos of the African people, but can this stuff be sure to ask the makeup artist before, because some use sunscreen too much oil will affect the makeup.

also recommended that MM has a small electric fan can also.

taken from noon, the best time in the afternoon when the sun goes down. When temperatures are low, the light. If the filming location, time after 5 o'clock in the afternoon is a good choice, the sea is the most suitable for wedding, vied with sea views of the gorgeous, romantic location shooting of the couple to a climax.

bride style:

bridal styling suggestions to simple, natural, so you can shorten the time for putting on makeup, changing the makeup and photo. Moreover, wear wedding remembered with lighter colors (preferably white) shoes. But many MM shoes were stilettos, if on location might be a little pain ~ hehe ... ... So take an easy walking replacement pair of slippers, of course if you want to pashansheshui that shoes should be the most convenient bar ~