Wedding photography

Photo shoot had to know some of the problems

As we all know, the wedding is a long-term work, in order to make this work better, we must clear some issues. Under the following tells you!

part one, photo selection, art

1. the selection of films, the original film can take "free" parallelism choose, without outside interference?

2. photos are not satisfied will the remake? the conditions under which the photos can be remade?

3. will the photo color is not satisfied with a free shuffle? there is no extra charges of art?

4. set before loading, it will first look at the film and art? if you are not satisfied with the possibility of free repair, remaking?

5. will the first big photo and family oriented, zoom, relatives and friends, such as cards, thank, and truth of this election?

part II, wedding gifts, lent items

1. giveaway part: Zoom photo/anniversary photo stand/jewelry boxes/frames/frames/thank relatives and friends books/cards/card/photo wedding invitation  /  handheld porn  /  marriage certificates  /  VIP signature silk  /  in-laws  /  fan  /  mother  /cracker  /   Wedding wedding  /  wedding  /  small silk flower  /  groom gloves 1 pair  /  wedding dress accessories gloves, five pairs of  /  flower  /  flower 6  /  handlebar spent 6  /  wedding table card  /   Gift book.

borrowed from 2.  parts: earring  /  necklace  /  veil  /  bag  /  shawl  /  Golden boys and Che Cai  /  delay box  /  easel  /  flower girl dress  /  dresses  /   Place the amplifier according to the easel, which provides lending, which you want to deposit?

3.  freebies posted prices, such as sending invitations to additional plate charge.

third, payments and other parts of the wedding

1.  provisions of consumer protection laws, deposit at not more than the total amount of 20% range.

2.  amounts including tax? how to open the invoice?

3.  determine how payments (all credit card  or  some credit card) when? ? ?  rate?  the total amount of payment the balance of?  wedding company wedding package payment is generally divided into 4 stages, several payments in reservation form must write clearly:

a. reservation deposits when the package is set to be paid;

b. photos to pay part of the money the same day;

c. the selection of porn to pay part of the money the same day;

d. take when the finished product is photo, will be paid off.

4.  credit card fees added.

5.  reviews whether the contract right??  how many days during the review for 7th, without taking into account consumption, unconditionally refund all deposits exceed the 7th review period shall not refund, go to other consumer.

6.  fill in appointment single Qian, note see about contracts content, as has not reasonable at or not clear, should immediately asked service personnel, while and shop long or site manager awareness about, necessary Shi also please competent Yu appointment single Shang signature confirmed, while requirements store service personnel, in each a process service Qian or must to shop Qian to first to phone notification, lest for kick and forget has pick dress or took holding spent like details.

7.  bridal shops have no other special provisions required the? or additional fees? please inform in advance!