Wedding photography

About wedding albums terminology relating to resolution

Lot about the technical name for the album, in the Studio to talk about when you are chatting and passing out? lol. Now just tell you a little about the meaning of these terms, come on down!

full version of wedding album:

intact washed out the pictures, such as photo albums 18 inch, washed out photos is 18 inches, this is the full version.

digital design wedding albums:

photos and nice background with Photoshop template with, get a good visual effect.

traditional wedding photo album:

General films by Studio, photos only with double-sided adhesive to the inside pages, making low cost. There is a clear edge, angle, long easy to disengage deformation, especially rainy wet areas of the South, photo album is easy to deformation.

cross-page photo albums:

digital design was made at 18 on the album, as large as a whole 18*2 of photos, is to spread   photo albums Middle seam, no seam seamless digital span pages, but is said to be seamless blister easily.

oil painting:

oil painting framed, elegant, General max 60 inches or so, much enlarged picture box when using oil, long shelf life, and form the most stable.

through the above photo album learning, sure you can find your very own wedding packages.

pcture on broad prints photo albums:

more than Crystal craft, pictures hot laminating or cold lamination, with machine pressed on the Board, is Matt. Pick some more fashion picture to enlarge pretty. Pcture on broad print is compressed material, surface roughness, and some small pits.

pcture on broad Crystal box:

put photos onto mdf and doused in liquid crystals, cooling molding is crystal, and picture back and Crystal packages together. Crystal is a glossy, reflective and clear, after the zoom is very shiny. Good clean, no box. Pcture on broad Crystal engraving of plate bilamina well, touch the texture will be different. Crystals are a little poison, better not do big, bad for your health.

Ramona box:

is a new form of mounting, with advanced technology and equipment through many process pictures the pictures mounted directly on the backplane, picture back panel blend, because paper and totally separated from the air, with high definition, colorful, never fading, waterproof, sunscreen, wash and so on. Version of bilamina to be thicker on the material.

Bible wedding photo albums:

using heat-mounted full-page photos of stamping process pressed together with thickened, plenty of PVC between photo and photo, some cardboard, is stamping on the side, plus a cover page, is more expensive.