Wedding photography

How to watch out for pitfalls of business consumption

Wedding photos for the first time, are worried that they will be entering the Studio consumer trap? And some consumer contracts with the newcomers, tend to put consumers in a dilemma, forcing consumers to passive acceptance of their services and higher prices of services, cengcengjiama, earn more. Let me remind you, do pay attention to!

first step to produce the trap

first of all a variety of preferential pulling customers makes the contract deposit. Because the Studio is designed with multiple sets, there are thousands of Yuan each. Once there are new to consulting, staff will do everything possible to retain customers, will take the initiative to benefit, benefits, gifts and so forth, each waiter having preferential rights, if it is not, said that today is the last day discount, you may enjoy these benefits, in fact, "packages", "profit" every day.

clothing manufacture consumption trap

clothing provided reservation generally dirty, broken, want to make a good effect must be upgraded. In order to reduce the wear of clothing, Photo Studio little laundry. Provides men's wear a white shirt collar and sleeve are dirty, dress only the first complete, open later. Ladies white dress wearing has "gray hair" also exudes the smell. If you do not select the clothing upstairs there is good, but would have to increase.

above is the AFIP in preparation for their wedding photos wedding photography studio new offers on a number of Studio-made consumer trap. I hope to help the couple.