Wedding photography

Teaches the bride how to wear a slender arms

Arm flab and tried to conceal the bride wearing wedding dress with sleeves to increase the width of the upper arm, to let someone else's eyes shifted to a more beautiful place. Wanted bride fleshy feel to no longer exist? Trump-Oh!

a left rotator cuff

elegant lace sleeve could well hide one arm strong feeling, left rotator cuff neckline white skin, simple trim lines the body slimmer. Two brides with floating arm back, floated just after the arm cover, exposing the small arms on the front, using Pearl decoration for wedding dresses to create a unique sense of more.

Princess style wedding dress left rotator cuff

retro left rotator cuff will not only cover the bride's arm flab, sleeves beaded and ruffled design for wedding increase the soft and elegant. Due to the loose folds of the dress skirt becomes large, overall look can also reduce the disadvantages of broad shoulders, bride and more petite and charming.

Princess wedding dress

simple lace shoulder boat neckline card design, elegant and refined. Well disguised arm flab, cover with a piece of fabric from the shoulder to the upper arm, but not sewn under the arm, this arm sleeves to avoid the lines of perfect and elegant charm. Wedding dress with simple Princess lines cut arm strong is not only suitable for the bride bride, reminds a little bit chubby bride suits.

If the bride's arm is too slender, unfortunately the puffy folds of the wedding dress, the dress to create arms sense of rich, broad-shouldered part of the line, very suitable for bride too slender arm or narrow shoulders.

several wedding dresses make the bride over the arm too strong you become enlightened? A bar long cut in the sleeve, can also make the bride's arm appear slender slender Oh!