Wedding photography

Location photo shooting attention

      1.  outdoor shoot location: the place to confirm that you want to, if more than one, please be sure flow, even what to wear are the best to speak well (this is a stylist to solve the problem).

2.  preparations: ask photographers, stylists need to take things. For example, clothing.

AFIP Tip: wanting to contact lenses with contact lens boxes, avoid eye irritation can easily remove contact lenses.

3.  an appointment to try on dresses,  to determine if it fits (bride and groom).

4.  in advance in accordance with the chosen dress, asked the stylist what color shirt should be prepared, and groom tie.

5.  and photographer on the filming style: print prior to find like pictures, magazines and attach a post data in advance, so as to avoid turning on the spot looking for a long while. Modeling, photography style you want to and don't have to find out, together with description and photographer.

AFIP Tip: "thank you," "I'm sorry" often on the lips, while we pay, but compassion is hard the staff should, well the interactive nature of the photograph.

6.  requirements for bouquets: like flowers holding himself ready, because the wedding photo Studio provides props bouquet.

7.  photos: stick must be int, on location, emphasizing don't take too long and too late.

8.  mind where: which is not perfect, the stylists grooming, and note taking lens angle.

9.  Note: the lower abdomen, chest fat or cellulite, Crow's feet, sweat, invisible underwear stickers, clothes, smoothness, cleanliness of teeth, hair, double eye patch, left, flowers freshness.

10.  shoes not to basically pick comfortable easy to wear, you can also prepare a pair of high heels, for a rainy day.

11.  wearing some simple wedding dress style best, we recommend avoiding yarn was too long, big tent dress-like complex style, one toilet, various locations, action is also more convenient.

12.  in spring and autumn is more suitable for on-location photographs, blooming colorful flowers in spring and autumn the fascinating sunset colors, even the brilliant sunshine of summer beach, silver snow winter zuczug of the world, is also a good selection of photography.

AFIP tips: shooting summer wedding, remember take insect repellent. If men had to sweat buckets, please be sure to dry off for their own clean shirts and then get on the air conditioner, the fear of cold.