The gold medal team


Marg. team to undergo a rigorous screening and evaluation of motion picture photography, recruited a lot of good photography talent from around the country, they have excellent photographic techniques and a wide range of shooting styles, and regularly engage the well-known photographers in the industry to its professional and technical training and teaching the latest fashion news! Presence and strive to provide each and every customer the most unique moments of happiness!

image designer

makeup of the season's most popular, most stylish design, our design team will spare no effort to study and practice, and according to our view of Asia's unique colour and five features with professional makeup techniques combined with popular elements of the world changes every year, for the creation of a suitable image of the Chinese people with a sense of fashion and continuous efforts.

Digital Designer

our team has a superior digital design technology, the creative approach and color processing technology, let us add photos and of dazzling. Designer are has deep of Art Foundation and years of practice experience, according to different of shooting effect and you of preferences for you design out or noble elegant, and or gorgeous dream, and or simple simple, and or Frank publicity of works, delicate of details repair of, harmony of color deployment, rich of layout design, followed with Marg. reflected painting has always of fresh, natural, fashion style, show you unique of personality charm.